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Vacation at Lucky’s

Your pets vacation in style at our five-acre retreat

Your furry (and non-furry) friends literally become our family during their stay at our B&B! Our five-acre retreat is a 16,000 sq. ft. pet oasis with 80 dog suites, 25 cat suites, an exotic pet room, an indoor salt water swimming pool for dogs, indoor play areas with outdoor access, a full grooming salon & s’paw and more.

VIP suites, room service, individual TLC for your pets and medication administration and management is also during during their stay. View our B&B rates here.

So, you’ve reserved a suite for your pet’s vacation at Lucky’s and wondering what they’ll need to bring with them. No problem! We’ve compiled this list so they’ll be all set for their stay:

 Collar, Leash and/or a Carrier

All pets checking in and out must be held on a proper leash at all times or carried in a carrier to protect everyone’s safety! Not all pets in our lobby are guests of ours, or may not play well with others or maybe your dogs are friends in playgroup but they may be totally different on a leash with their parents. To protect everyone, keep your pets close to you at all times.

My Dry Food and or Wet Food

We prefer you bring food from home, that way there aren’t any upset tummies while on vacation. Always pack extra in case plans change, weather, or spillage occurs. There is
no need to pack your bowls unless your pet doesn’t eat or drink out of our stainless steel bowls. We do feed everyone in raised dishes as well. We have a full service kitchen with all the needs to prepare and store your meals and or medications. There is no charge for feeding meals from home, if you run out of your food you will be charged $2 for hotel food per serving, or if your pet is on a food we carry we can add your food to your account. We can also pick yours up for a small fee. We do not leave food down more than 12 hrs, pack plenty of food so we can serve fresh food daily. We do not serve raw food or rawhide for everyone’s safety. Room service is also available. For bringing your own food, please have everything cooked and ready to be served. There may be charges for cooking meals.

Treats for Naptime or Anytime

Your pet will be burning lots of extra calories while on vacation! To prevent any unwanted weight loss from all the fun and activities, either plan on giving extra food or treats. You may also stock up with great treats from our store at check in! We do weight and health checks daily, if there is a major change in your pets health or weight we will contact you about the changes. We do NOT ALLOW RAWHIDES!

My Medications/Vitamins/Supplements

Always pack extra medications in case plans change, weather, or spillage occurs! There is a $1 charge for giving medications/vitamins/supplements. If your pet requires Insulin and or shots there is an additional of $10. Charges are per administration – for administering the shot. If your pet does get shots, proper Sharps container is required as well as enough needles to use one per dose WE DO NOT RE-SUSE NEEDLES. To insure that everyone gets the proper medications and to ensure they swallow the meds -all meds are given by hand in cream cheese or anything you may bring to administer the meds. Medications/vitamins may NOT be pre-packed in meals. Medications are counted at check in to insure we have enough for your stay if we run out, you will be charged for picking up and the cost of the medication from your vet unless told by the owner of the pet to only give until we run out. Any pet on medications is double, triple checked by checking the name on the temporary collar we provide and picture we have taken on your pet’s suite sheet to insure the proper medication is given to the correct pet.

Something Comfy From Home

You may pack a blanket, bed, pillow, towel and or fleece! Even though we provide comfy sherpa’s on the cots & plush bedding in our VIP Suites, It’s just nice to have something
from home! We will remove all bedding if your pet is chewing for your pet’s safety, the cot will remain in the suite for comfy sleeping! We do NOT recommend bringing your pet’s crate, the dogs tend to not use them and they make the suite feel smaller, besides your pet is on vacation! All bedding will be washed prior to checkout.

A Few of My Toys for My Suite

Toys are for your pet’s suite only; they will not be used during group play. We ask to bring only a few to prevent loss of toys- no more than two. For cats- nothing that may get caught on their nails or cause harm if swallowed, like stings, yarn or rope. No more than two toys are allowed.

A List of Any Changes in My information

Please let us know of any changes in your = emergency contact info, personality, veterinarian, health, surgeries, illnesses, diet, bowels or urine. Please let us know if about any new or updated information, change in Phone numbers or any other info needed for Lucky’s while your pet is in our care! Please let us know if your pet in the last month has been at dog parks, boarding or daycare facilities, meeting new pets or animal shelters in the last month or has had any exposure to illnesses.

Let us Know if you want Grooming or any Extra Services for your stay!

Please label all luggage, medications, food, treats, toys and any other items.
We record all items that come in as your luggage to try to get all items returned to your pet!
We are not responsible if lost, damaged, had too much fun with or chewed! We do laundry when needed or after a long stay. Please try to give us an accurate time of check out
so all your luggage may be cleaned and ready for your check out.

CHECK OUT TIME IS NOON- If checking out after Noon you will only be charged for a half day of Daycare!