Hey there humans! Winter and all of its weather can be extremely brutal on our furry family’s paws. Any exposure to such elements as snow and ice – and the agents used to combat them such as salt and ice melt – can cause their paw pads to dry, crack, can cause chemical burns and even frostbite.

As the area around Lucky’s B&B received a dusting of snow overnight, and we are expecting more this weekend, we wanted to be sure your pets’ paws are as protected as possible as winter will not be going anywhere any time soon.

A great option for paw trauma prevention and protection is dog booties – a variety of which is available at our award-winning, on-site Sophie’s Boutique. They consist of  sock-like boot and protect the paws by keeping them dry and preventing any exposure to de-icing and salt products.

Also, please be aware that de-icing and salt products can be toxic to our pets. If you’re taking your furry family out for a walk, try your best to keep them away from roads that have been heavily salted or treated.

Following a winter walk in the elements, clean your pet’s paws with warm water and dry thoroughly to prevent them from ingesting any treatment chemicals.

This time of year can be trying on your pet’s paws. However, a few preventative measures can keep them healthy and happy all winter through!

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