Hey there all of you fine humans! We made it through the holiday season and are now looking at the promise and potential of a shiny New Year! You’ve probably all thought about your own personal resolutions – but how about ones that involve your beloved furry families?

As pet owners, we know we all could be doing something better for them. Therefore, Lucky and his pals put together this easy list of resolutions to ensure that both you and your pets have a wonderful and healthy 2017!

  1. Rain or shine (or some one kind of inclement weather) – exercise your pets! Not only will this get you and your furry family away from your Netflix binging, but it will also serve as a good bonding time for you and your pets. Outside of a good morning or evening stroll, we know many pets enjoy running and jumping and playing, so why not bring them to our daycare here at Lucky’s B&B – where they can swim and romp with their friends? We practically guarantee a happy & exhausted pet, every time.
  2.  Help out our homeless friends in need. Here at Lucky’s, we try to do as much as we can to raise money and donate items for our furry friends in need at the local shelters. It’s easy to drop in our Sophie’s Boutique to pick up a few cans of food, or perhaps a warm bed, coat or sweater, and drop off to our fiends at the Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park or the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter. You will make a world of difference for a homeless animal in need.
  3. Resolve to spend more time with your pets. Just like humans, animals crave love and attention. Perhaps instead of filling up your calendar every day and leaving your furry families alone for hours on end, vow to spend one or two nights in to show your pets how much you care about them. When you absolutely have to spend the night away from home, reserve one of our suites for your pets. They’ll believe they’re going on vacation, too.
  4. When possible, try to feed your furry families only the best.  Just as with human food, healthier pet brands can tend to be costlier, but it will make a huge difference in your pet’s life and health. Our award-winning boutique carries a wide array of natural foods and treats to satisfy even the most finicky of furry eaters.
  5. Socialize your furry families and allow them to make friends. Just as with humans, our furry families love to meet up with their friends on a regular basis. Our Doggie Daycare is a perfect way to socialize your pets in a safe and supervised environment. Why not come for a tour! We always love meeting new friends.
  6. Get your furry families groomed. Who doesn’t love a good spa day?! (Yes, even you men out there, who know who you are). Our pets love to feel fresh and clean and good about themselves just as we do. Book them a S’paw day with one of our certified groomers. They’ll love you for it.

This new year, our Lucky’s B&B family vows to work even harder to provide the best services for you & your furry families – that is our resolution to you.

Remember here, your pets are family.

Happy 2017, everyone!

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