cruz8Hey there human and four-legged friends alike and welcome to our latest Lucky’s B&B Furry Feature! We sat down recently with Cruz, our most recent photo contest winner, and his awesome family to learn a little more about him. Here is an excerpt from our interview. Enjoy!

How old is Cruz? Cruz was rescued so we never found out his exact birthday. We believe he is a little over a year old now, we use his adoption date as his birthday which is March 25th!

What type of dog is Cruz? Cruz is a mix of German Shepard, Boxer, and Mastiff.

Who does Cruz’s human family include? Dad- Sean and Mom- Elena.

How long has Cruz been coming to Lucky’s B&B? Cruz has been coming to Lucky’s since last summer.

What is Cruz’s favorite part about coming to Lucky’s? Getting all the human staff’s attention and cuddles, and flirting with his doggie girlfriends.

Who are Cruz’s best friends at Lucky’s? Phoebe, Betsy, Maddie, Lola, Tully, Cooper, Izzy, Miley & Daisy (he loves the ladies).

How does Cruz like to spend time away from Lucky’s? Cuddling with his mommy, playing fetch with daddy, table and counter surfing for random objects to steal!

We are so happy that Cruz loves Lucky’s as much as we him! Congrats again Cruz!

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