Hey there humans! As Spring had sprung a week ago, you may be eager to get working in your garden, focus on upcoming Easter celebrations, get through that much-needed Spring cleaning, or perhaps tackle those pesky home improvement projects. Be mindful that whatever tasks you take on around the house, it is likely your furry families will be following you. Therefore, our Lucky’s B&B family wanted to share these few tips with you in order to keep your beloved pets safe this season.


  • With Easter just a few short weeks away, make sure to keep those lilies and chocolate candies under wraps and strictly away from pets. Lilies can be especially harmful – even fatal – to our furry families.
  • With Spring comes the urge to let the fresh air in. Be sure all of your screen doors and windows are secure and free from holes. We don’t want your furry families to accidentally fall from windows or be able to escape through faulty screens.
  • Warmer weather could mean more frequent trips to the local dog park and embarking on some longer walks. Better be safe than sorry in the event your furry family wanders off – have them micro chipped and be sure to have name tags attached to their collars with your phone number. Our on-site boutique offers a wide variety of stylish collars and leashes for outdoor adventure.
  • While we know our pets love to drive with their heads out the windows on road trips, this could be hazardous to them if they are hit with any flying debris or insects – which could cause inner ear infections and eye injuries. Be sure to always safely secure your pets before embarking on drives.
  • A time-honored tradition in many households, Spring cleaning can be harmful to your furry families if you’re not careful. Many commercial cleaning products contain chemicals are toxic to your pets.
  • Be sure to clean up and secure all home improvement tools and products when you’re done for that day. This includes nails, staples, paint, insulation, and power tools – any and all of which could lead to an unnecessary ER vet visit.
  • Yes, our pets have allergies too. They can be allergic to dust, pollen, plants and foods. If you suspect they have a Springtime allergy, make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.
  • When planting your home gardens, keep in mind that many outdoor plants – including azalea and rhododendron – are toxic to pets. Make sure that they cannot access the garden when you’re not looking.

While Spring is a wonderful time to spend outdoors in the fresh air, these few tips will keep your furry families safe and away from preventable vet visits.

For a completely safe, fully staffed, equipped, non-toxic play environment, you can also bring them here to our Bed & Biscuit, where they can enjoy endless hours of supervised play.

Happy Spring!

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