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Lucky and the rest of the staff here at our Bed & Biscuit know how lucky (literally) when we are able to have a new team member join us that not only excels, but our furry visitors and humans love as well.  One of these people in our lives is Grooming Extraordinaire Sandra Berg.

We recently sat down with Sandra to learn: 1. Why dogs? 2. Why Grooming? and 3. Why Lucky’s?

It is our hope, that at the end of this chat, you will come to love her and her special way with our furry visitors, as much as we do!

Sandra, how long have you been working and grooming at Lucky’s B&B? A little less than a year.

What is your previous experience in the animal care and grooming fields? I have been in the animal care field for quite some time, and was a dog bather when I was a bit younger. I began grooming approximately eight-and-a-half years ago and have worked in pet salons in Red Bank and Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I also managed a pet resort and the grooming services for a Millstone, New Jersey, facility as well. In the addition to my ‘on-the-job’ experience, I also completed 250 hours of pet and first aid certifications – which I believe are imperative training to not only be able to care for animals, but care for them in a loving, compassionate way.

Everyone is going to inquire as to whether you have pets of your own. So, what’s the scoop? Yes, of course, I do! I have a five-year-old male Shar-Pei mix named Slim. Yep, Slim.

So, why the Grooming career path? I really enjoy working with dogs in general. But specific to grooming, I love making them feel better about themselves. It’s like they get a pep in their steps after their groom. When they feel great and confident – and I can tell – that’s why I love doing what I do. I always want it to be a positive experience for the dogs. The pet’s comfort is the number-one priority for me. I take care of them at their own pace so they don’t get anxious.

How is it going so far at Lucky’s? I love working here. There’s something different here then all of the other places I have been previously worked. The entire staff treat our furry visitors with such a level of care and compassion. It’s not your typical pet hotel here. Not by a longshot. Pets truly are family here at Lucky’s.

So, we’ve heard from Sandra. Let’s here from Lucky’s owner, Leslie Lorah.

“Everyone loves Sandra,” Leslie said. “She gets rave reviews, the staff love her and she gets repeat customers. Those are all signs of a great groomer. Know one really knows this, but Sandra aspires to do competitions one day soon.”

Sandra is here in our S’paw Tuesdays through Saturdays if you want to schedule your furry family to be groomed by her.

You may also wonder what sets us apart here at Lucky’s. This is what sets us apart:

  • Baths include a blueberry facial
  • We sanitize after each and every guest
  • Each guest is hand dried with warm towels
  • Each guest receives personalized one-on-one time with groomer
  • Manis and pedis
  • Guests ears are cleaned.
  • We do hair styling
  • Breed standards
  • Creative grooming

Grooming is available in our S’Paw seven days a week. We recommend your furry family sees Sandra or our other groomers about once every six weeks.

Sandra, Leslie and Lucky hope to see you soon!

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  • John Niemeyer

    Hi Sandra-you do a great job of grooming our silky terrier Harley. He looks and feels good, and his silky hair stays so soft days after the grooming. Thank you for your services!

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