Alicia2There’s always so much going on at our Bed & Biscuit here in downtown Manahawkin that we sometimes forget to announce the new additions to our B&B team. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t introduce you to our (somewhat) new groomer, Alicia, whose life has quite literally gone to the dogs – and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

We recently sat down with Alicia to get the furry low down on why she choose: 1. Grooming and 2. Lucky’s.

It is our hope, that at the end of this chat, you will come to love her and her special way with our furry visitors, as much as we do!

How long have you been working and grooming at Lucky’s B&B? I began working here at Lucky’s approximately three months ago.

What is your previous experience in the animal care and grooming fields? I have been in the grooming field for about three years and previously worked at Pampered Pats, and well as stops at a few additional places. I attended Dogs N’ Cats Grooming Studio in Barnegat, where I was taught and learned how to groom.

Everyone is going to inquire as to whether you have pets of your own, so – what’s the scoop? Yes! I have four dogs! They are Ein (Corgie) 10 years, Kermit (Yorkie/Poodle) 4 years, May (Yorkie/Poodle) 4 years, and Beak (Yorkie/Poodle) – 6 years.

So, why the Grooming career path? It’s plain and simpleI love dogs! Being around dogs, and helping them to feel better about themselves. My favorite thing to do is de-shed the dogs so they can feel lighter on their feet!

How is it going so far at Lucky’s? It’s going really well and I love it here. Because they also have the pet hotel as well as the day care here, I really get to spend time quality time with the same dogs and build a relationship with them.

So, we’ve heard from Alicia. Let’s here from Lucky’s owner, Leslie Lorah.

“Alicia has a great love and patience for animals, she loves to spoil them,” Leslie said. “I often walk in grooming and see her hugging and kissing the furry guest she is working on and even when she’s done, she’s still loving on them. She is a great addition to the Lucky’s team.”

Alicia is here in our S’paw Tuesdays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m if you want to schedule your furry family to be groomed by her.

You may also wonder what sets us apart here at Lucky’s. This is what sets us apart:

Baths include a blueberry facial
We sanitize after each and every guest
Each guest is hand dried with warm towels
Each guest receives personalized one-on-one time with groomer
Manis and pedis
Guests ears are cleaned.
We do hair styling
Breed standards
Creative grooming

Grooming is available in our S’Paw seven days a week. We recommend your furry family sees Alicia or our other groomers about once every six weeks.

We hope to see you soon!

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  • Donna Frank

    So happy to know there’s a place so close to home for proper grooming. We travel all the way to Toms River and that can be time consuming, worth it but time consuming….

    We’ll give you a try this fall. 😊

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