luckys poolHey there humans! It appears that as our season immediately skipped from winter to summer, it might become increasingly more difficult to keep your furry families properly exercised during these warmer months. Therefore, our Lucky’s B&B team put together a few simple tips to keep your pets happy when the mercury is on the rise:

  • When and, if possible, exercise your pets early in the morning, or later in the evening. Your furry families will be more comfortable walking, running and playing out of the heat of the day.
  • Know the signs of dehydration. Because dogs cannot sweat like humans, they will cool off by panting. If your dog is overheated, they will drool excessively. However, if they become lethargic, or their eyes are bloodshot, those are signs of becoming dehydrated.
  • Allow your dogs to dig in the yard. Your furry families are resourceful and will make their own way to the shade. Try not to get frustrated when they do this – they’re just trying to stay cool.
  • Look for fun and innovative ways for your pets to get exercise. We have just the thing here at Lucky’s! Your furry families can play and splash all day in our indoor saltwater pool, and then shake off  and continue to play in the comfort of our continually refreshing air system. As hot as it may be outside, your pets will always have a safe and cool place to stay and play here at Lucky’s!

Don’t let your pet suffer and not get their much-needed exercise this summer! Our B&B staff is always available to provide tours of our facility and grounds. Just stop on by!

We hope to see you soon!

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