What to Pack

Grab the Essentials We'll Provide The Rest

All pets checking in and out must be held on a proper leash at all times or carried in a carrier to protect everyone’s safety! Not all pet’s in the lobby are friendly.
To protect everyone, keep your pets close to you at all times and never let them off-leash.
We ask that you keep any flea and tick collars at home.

Food from home is usually best, so there aren’t any upset tummies while on vacation. However, we will provide all the bowls. We have a full-service kitchen and are happy to prepare meals just like at home. If we run out of your food, we have many room service options to choose from. See our menu below. We do not leave food down more than 12 hours so pack plenty so we can serve fresh food daily. 
We do not serve raw food or accept rawhide for everyone’s safety. 

We are happy to provide any of your pet’s medications during their stay. Bring along any medications in their original bottles so that we have all the information we may need. Bring along a few extra doses more than they need for their stay in case plans change or there is a delay in travel. We are fully trained to administer insulin, light therapy, and any prescription medications as needed. See our policies page for more details!

Storing Your Luggage

We record all items that come in as your luggage to try to get all items returned to your pet! We are not responsible if anything is lost or damaged. Each pet has their own luggage bin, anything you bring in is for your pet only. Please try to give us an accurate day of check out so all of your luggage may be ready to go!

Don't Forget!


Just like most hotels, check out time is at noon. We extend that until 2PM if your pet is being groomed or bathed on the day of check out. If you need to check out later, we are happy to accommodate! Pick up any time until we close, there will just be a half day of daycare fee and they can continue to pawty and enjoy all of the same services until you pick up!

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