Our Policies

Please Take a Moment to Familiarize Yourself with Our Policies & Procedures:

All Lucky’s paperwork must be filled out for all guests to receive any sort of service with us. You can complete these by:

  • Doing them in person at our Manahawkin Hotel location, there is also a set in any intake folder given during a tour.

  • Filled out digitally by selecting “Online” in the reservations sections at the very top left of the screen and signing into your online portal or clicking here.

  • By printing them from home and completing them Under the “Forms” section or by clicking here.

  • Request a copy by emailing us at any time prior to your stay.

This tells us all about emergency contacts, about your pet’s medical history and their personality and much more. If you are filling this out in person at the time of check in, plan to spend about 15 minutes in the lobby to complete it. Don’t forget to update us any time something needs to be updated.

We do need it all filled out prior to your pet’s first stay so that we can care for them like they are our very own–we wouldn’t want any less for ours!

There is a deposit required to secure a reservation, with the amount equal to one Overnight (or one overnight package credit). If a reservation is cancelled at least 72 Hours advance, it will be refunded, less a $5 processing fee. It is not Refundable (or 1 night will be deducted from your package) within 72 Hours of anticipated check in.

For any reservation where the calculated total estimate of the stay is $500 and above, we will require a 50% deposit at the time of check-in. The rest will be due at check-out.

Check-in & Check-outs are only done during our operating hours. No pets are permitted to leave premises outside of our reception hours.

Check out time for the hotel is 12pm. If a bath or haircut appointment is scheduled on the day of check out, we extend that until 2pm before being charged a daycare fee for late check out.

  • The late check out fee is equal to a half day of daycare and guests staying late in daycare will continue to receive all the same great services until you are able to pick up. This extends their stay until the time we close if needed.
  • The latest possible pick up time each night is by the time that we close. If plans change, just give us a call to extend to the next day!

The Saftey of Your Fur Family, and of Our Staff Are Paramount at Lucky’s. While We Will Always Open More Play Fields to Accept Daycare Guests, We Staff Each Group and Provide Individualized Care. 

  • We Ask For Notice at Least the Day Prior if Your Pet will be Joining Us.
    • This is Because We Need Staff For All the Activies Our Guests Enjoy.
    • Bigger Groups Mean More Staff is Needed to Supervise.
  • There Will Be a $7 Drop-In Charge Added For Drop-In Reservations to Help Properly Staff Same-Day Reservations
  • In order to ensure a clean, safe and sanitary environment for all pets, we respectfully ask that you do not bring any items from home except for your pet’s food, treats, and medications in their original bottles.

  • We provide comfy bedding & bowls which are cleaned & sanitized daily.

  • We do allow one toy/bed/blanket and one treat (Benebone, Kong, etc.) purchased from within our boutique for your pet to enjoy on vacation.

    • We are not responsible for lost or damaged vacation items and will not replace damaged or destroyed items. 
  • All medications must be in their original bottles, this includes over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements.

  • Please bring along the amount they will need during their stay along with a few extra doses in case of changes to plans or emergencies. Each medication, vitamin and supplement will be counted and gone over thoroughly at check in, so please plan ahead if you may need extra time to go through it with us.

  • All medication administrated at Lucky’s is monitored to ensure each is taken, and we provide peanut butter or cream cheese or you can bring something else from home if you prefer. For this reason, medications or vitamins and supplements cannot be loose within a bag of food or left in their bowl to be eaten.

  • There is a $1/day medication administration rate for these.

Insulin dependant guests or those that need any injections are also more than welcome!

  • Bring along Insulin or other needed medication, enough syringes for a new one at each injection for the duration of the stay (we will NOT reuse syringes) and a proper “Sharps” container must be supplied.

  • Please bring along enough extra for any unplanned changes due to weather or delays, and plan to spend a bit longer at check in going over feeding and emergency contact information.

  • There is a $10 charge for each injection given.

  • Sub Cutaneous fluids can be given with a $25 administration fee.

Only pets from the same family, that live with each other all 365 days of the year are allowed to stay in the same suite. This is for their safety and comfort which is always our top priority. If they do not always live together, it can actually cause much more anxiety for them to not have a private suite to decompress at the end of a busy, fun-filled day to rest. 

  • Although we do accept intact guests, we do not allow any guests that are going into heat, currently in heat, or coming out of heat to board with us at that time.
    • For the safety of all our guests, there is a 6 week wait after their last day of their heat cycle before they can come in.
    • Any intact female guest needs to have an emergency pick-up approved person on file in case a cycle begins during a stay with us.
    • If this occurs, she will be placed in an isolated area until picked up.
      • For the protection of all guests in our care, she would not be able to finish her stay.
      • There is a $20 per HOUR charge for an isolation suite until pick up. This fee is in addition to any accrued bill until the time of pick up, and will need to be paid in full at the time of check out.
  • For the safety of all of our guests and staff, your pet must be completely pet friendly to join in group play. It is not guaranteed that any pet will work out in group.
  • Our staff will try several attempts to get all guests in play group with everyone’s safety in mind, but there are times it doesn’t work out. If we have anything urgent that may arise, we will contact you right away. Please have all numbers and emergency numbers current at check in. If there’s an issue we can manage we will let you know at check-out.
  • We have many add-on services to keep them on the move during their stay if they just prefer people friends. See our Services section for details!
  • All daycare guests are welcome, even if group play isn’t working or baby steps are needed. It is our goal to keep all guests happy and healthy at all times so we will follow the cues of our guests.
  • Whether your pet thrives in group or prefers one-on-one love and walks from staff, daycare is the same rate for all our guests. 
  • Intact males and females are always kept in separated groups and while they are both welcome, just note that their overall percentage of time in group could potentially be adjusted based on the need to rotate these groups in and out of play areas so everybody gets a turn.
  • All guests must be able to be handled safely by staff.

  • We have the right to turn away anyone that we cannot properly take care of to our standards, due to aggression. 

  • While we do not require a formal meet and greet or temperament test day prior to staying with us, please plan for some additional time for your first check-in while we make sure your pet can be safely handled by staff.

    • There have been very rare instances where we are unable to approve the reservation, so trying out a half day of day care first is always recommended if you are able to.

Packages purchases remain valid for One Year after the date of their first use.
All package sales are final, and are non-refundable.

Have Other Questions?

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