BanditHey there human and four-legged friends alike and welcome to our latest Lucky’s B&B Furry Feature! We sat down with Bandit, our most recent photo contest winner, and his awesome family to learn a little more about him. Here is an excerpt from our interview. Enjoy!

How old is Bandit? Bandit is 22-weeks old, or about five months.

What type of dog is Bandit? He is Black Lab/Brittany Spaniel and we think a bit of Beagle as well.

Who does Bandit human family include? Mark and Terry Jacobs.

What is Bandit’s favorite part about coming to Lucky’s? He has not started yet… but we hope to get him there soon… We used to bring our dog Mickey to Lucky’s. We think that he will love swimming and playing with other dogs.

Who are Bandit’s best friends at Lucky’s? None yet… we think he will get along with Copper who our friend Robyn owns.

How does Bandit’s like to spend his time away from Lucky’s? Bandit loves to go on long walks… playing with a ball in our back yard.

What a cool dude! We are so happy that Bandit is soon to be a member of our Lucky’s furry family and that he loves spending time with his friends when he’s with us.

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  • Joan

    Looks like Bandit will be a great playmate for Scout when he starts coming to Luckys.

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