holida-pet-safetyHumans – the holiday season is most assuredly upon us and with that – many (too many) opportunities for your furry families to get into mischief – shenanigans that could cause true harm to them and their health. In addition to tinsel and ornaments, or other pet-unfriendly items that may be laying around your home during the yuletide season. holiday baked goodies and other seasonal treats can also be not-so-good for them.

Because we want your entire family – pets included – to enjoy this holiday season – Lucky’s B&B wanted to share these tips so you’re all ringing in the New Year together – healthy and unscathed.

  • Anchor your Christmas Tree securely – We encourage you to do this so it cannot fall into and harm your pets.
  • Keep holly and mistletoe out of paws reach – If ingested, these can cause vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. We suggest perhaps opting for artificial plants made from plastic or silk, or select a pet-safe bouquet of flowers.
  • Tinsel is trouble – While your feline family members may love the sparkle tinsel brings to the pawty, if they nibble on it and swallow, it can lead to an obstructed digestive tract – causing severe vomiting and possibly the need for surgery.
  • Keep lit candles close at hand – If pets are left unattended – ever for a few brief moments – they could possibly burn themselves or cause a larger fire by knocking candles over. Once you leave a room, we encourage you to blow candles out.
  • Wires run amok – Try as hard as you can to keep the extra wires to all of your interior decorations out of paws reach as much as possible. The same goes with fragile glass ornaments and other decorations.
  • No way, no how, no chocolate – While sweets made of everyone’s favorite ingredient may be in extra abundance these holidays, avoid at all costs feeding your furry families anything with chocolate. Make sure any unattended food gets wrapped and stowed out your pet’s reach as soon as you’re finished with it.
  • Leftovers: the humans-only zone – Any spicy and fatty foods, or bones should not be fed to your pets. These can lead to unwanted medical bills after vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Select pet-safe holiday treats – If you want to have your furry families get in on the holiday festivities, but also want to keep them safe from anything that could make them violently ill, then you must stop by our award-winning boutique for a plethora of wonderful holiday-themed clothes, toys and treats. Stuff those pet stockings with treats that are good for your furry families!

We hope all of our human and furry friends have a happy and safe holiday season!


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